Vocal Group Hall of Fame Vol. 1 (2001 Induction Concert)


Contents: DVD Only
Genre: Vocal Music
Rating: General
Format: Color, NTSC
Run Time: 50 Minutes
a.k.a. 2001 Vocal Group Hall of Fame Inductions

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Product Description

DVD Overview

Vocal Group Hall of Fame, Vol. 1 features a series of artists performing songs in order to commemorate their induction into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. This release includes Mary Wilson performing the National Anthem, The Orioles delivering a medley of Sam Cooke songs, The Vogues offering versions of “Five O’Clock World,” and“You’re The One,” and performances by The Lettermen andThe Lennon Sisters.
~ Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

DVD Chapters

Vocal Group Hall of Fame, Vol. 1 (2001)
1. Introduction [:37]
2. The Star Spangled Banner – Mary Wilson of The Supremes [1:56]
3. Sam Cooke Medley – Sonny Til’s Legendary Orioles [9:59]
4. Crying In The Chapel – Sonny Til’s Legendary Orioles [4:05]
5. Five O’Clock World – The Vogues [2:31]
6. Turn Around, Look At Me – The Vogues [2:41]
7. You’re The One – The Vogues [3:41]
8. Acappella Medley – The Lennon Sisters [2:12]
9. Medley – The Lennon Sisters [2:55]
10. Lettermen Intro Montage [1:57]
11. Medley – The Lettermen [4:22]
12. More (Theme From Mondo Cane) – The Lettermen [2:30]
13. Goin’ Out Of My Head/Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You – Lettermen Reunion [2:46]
14. America The Beautiful – Cast Finale [2:38]

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