The Original Vocal Group Hall of Fame Museum displayed memorabilia of Inducted Vocal Groups and also displayed memorabilia of vocal groups who have had a hit record and/or had made a significant contribution to the world of vocal group music. The greatest vocal groups of the world have either donated or loaned their personal memorabilia and artifacts to the Foundation for display in the museum. Each year additional vocal groups are selected by vote and added to the growing list of Inductees in the Hall of Fame.

The Museum featured over one hundred exhibits of vocal group memorabilia in a grand three-story, 28,000 square foot museum building and the amount of memorabilia continues to grow with each year of Inductions. As new groups are inducted, the collection of memorabilia grows, and so the need for more museum/clubhouse space is required.

The Foundation has temporarily moved the Inductee’s memorabilia to a clean storage space for safekeeping to later be displayed at the new museum clubhouse building, purchased by the Foundation next to the Columbia Theatre. When financing for renovation of the Sharon, PA attraction becomes available the museum clubhouse will re-open.