About Inductions

The Voting Process

Inductions are the heart of the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. The Induction voting process takes place each year
but on occasion has been forced to combine the Induction of a few years due to funding limitations. The Harmony Award or “Harmy” as it is respectfully referred to by the Inducted Vocal Groups, is presented to each new class of Inductees at a Ceremony.  Unlike the RESPECTED Grammy, Tony, Country and American Music Awards – just to mention a few – that focus on the recordings created in the current year, first by popularity, then based on the quality of an artist’s endeavors that year, the Vocal Group Hall of Fame Harmony Award is different only in the sense that it is, in essence, a “Lifetime Achievement Award” and not determined on a given years achievement.

Inductees, musicologists, industry professionals, record collectors, music enthusiasts, and web site visitors make suggestions of new vocal group candidates to be added to the list of potential Inductees known as the “Qualifiers List”.  These candidates are considered by the Induction Committee members who determine their eligibility by comparing their status of vocal group contribution in the industry to the criteria established in the bylaws of the Vocal Group Hall of Fame Foundation. Only then, will they be granted a place formally joining the list of Nominees on the Official Ballot?


Vocal Groups must have at least a 10-year history in the must industry as of a new 2010 induction policy.

Vocal Groups must have had a hit record or significant Vocal Group Contribution.

Vocal Groups must have a minimum of three-part harmony and two-part harmony for duos.

How Ballots are Circulated and Tallied

Induction committee/musicologist votes represent 35% of the total weighted vote.

Original members, recording members, current members and current manager/agent of the authorized authentic group votes represent 40% of the total weighted vote.

Record collectors, music enthusiast and general public may vote at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame website and represent 25% weight of the total vote beginning with the Class of 2008.

Only after a vocal group or duo reaches eligible status and the Induction Committee finds the vocal group deserving of the “Harmy”/ Life Time Achievement Award, is the group nominated to the ballot. The group might find that they may remain on the ballot until such time as they are voted in as an inducted vocal group, though they may not be voted as an Inductee in the given year nominated.

This means the nominated group may remain on the ballot and be listed with all other nominated groups until formally voted in as an Inducted Vocal Group. The election of vocal groups per year by policy vote of Inductees has been reduced to one inducted vocal group per category.

Once a vocal group is inducted and receives their “Lifetime Achievement Award” they are removed from the ballot, take their place among other Inducted Vocal Groups and their position on the “Ballot” will then be filled with new nominees selected annually beginning 2010 from the “Qualifiers List” established by the Induction Committee.

The Induction Committee also selects the vocal group “Pioneer Awards”, “Un-Sung Harmony Awards” and any “Specialty Awards” or accolades that may be determined by the Induction Committee and Members of the Board of Directors in the given year. See Current List of Inductees

Annual Inductions

Inductions are the true heart of The Vocal Group Hall of Fame. Inductees take ownership in their Foundation upon being inducted. The Inducted Vocal Groups are the greatest asset of the Foundation as their support is everything.

Thus far, The Vocal Group Hall of Fame Foundation’s annual Induction, concerts and related events have not been funded properly making it difficult to stage Inductions annually. Even though the annual fundraising effort has yet to become self-sustaining or financially rewarding, the future will prove that Inductions will become the greatest fundraising event of the year.

The Induction Ceremony, so far, has been a semi-formal private affair, by invitation only, intended to be produced annually, but has been occasionally delayed do to limited funding. Past Inductees enjoy the privilege of hosting The Induction Ceremony, where they introduce and present the new Inductees “Harmy” awards in a concert award-show format.


Induction Activities

Reception Dinner

Many activities take place during the week of The Vocal Group Hall of Fame Inductions.
A celebrity golf tournament is intended to kick off future inductions with a reception dinner following as Inductees begin to arrive for the events leading up to the Induction Ceremony. The Inductions themselves, which, of course, is the main focus of the yearly activities are the highlight of the activities. The Induction Ceremony is followed by concerts where past and present Inductees perform in celebration of their Induction.

Induction events also create revenue for the Foundation from admissions to the events and from media products created from the recordings. The Induction week is a great opportunity for corporate America to support the Foundation through corporate sponsorships of the golf tournament, reception dinner, harmony workshops, concerts and audio and video recordings, which make up the media products, distributed Internationally by the Foundation.

Students from the local school systems are invited to participate in musical seminars conducted by the
Inductees of The Vocal Group Hall of Fame. In the future, it is our intention to be able to provide small grants, scholarships and scholastic credit for music, dance, band or civics, depending on funding provided by the Foundation or its corporate sponsors giving back to the community by assisting the young that will create the future for vocal groups.

The Inductees are enthusiastic about participating in Inductions and being available for the press. Radio, television and newspaper interviews conducted by media personalities at the Induction Ceremony, Concerts and festivities are important to the Artists and the promotion of their Hall of Fame.

It is also an opportunity for sponsors, Inductees, and the public to participate together in supporting the fundraising efforts of the Foundation. The week extends the opportunity for the many vocal groups to be together at one time, in one place, to mingle and to become acquainted again with their counterparts in the music world and also with their many fans. At any given moment during the course of the festivities of
Induction week, members of many different vocal groups will congregate and will spontaneously harmonize together at dinner tables, hallways or in the corners of a room consumed in camaraderie at what becomes a vocal group “Family Reunion”. This week also provides all of the Inductees, past, and present, an opportunity to assemble together and share their common heritage as makers of America’s and the world’s music.


The Induction Ceremony is designed to give respect and acknowledgment to the new Inductees for their contribution to vocal group harmony. They are presented their “Harmy” in an award show formatted affair filled with emotional accolades and speeches from their peers, followed by their own acceptance speeches and historical performances. This “Lifetime Achievement Award” is given to original members of vocal groups that have made an impact on society through any type of recordings, television, radio, motion pictures – and in the future to include newer media like music videos and Internet downloads.


The Induction Concert is a time of celebration. The most recent induction was represented by 43 groups committing their services. Each year performing groups, approximately 150 to 300 artists, attend and participate. The event is professionally staged with state of the art production and is captured on digital video with a professional multi-camera broadcast video control truck and recorded on high quality 48 track digital audio. Some of the groups may not be currently performing or may have lost members. Many of these groups often join together to lend support and participate in performing each other’s hit songs. These collaborations of members of Inducted groups create truly amazing history-making performances.

Funds are currently needed to edit and mix audio & video recordings made at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame’s 10th Anniversary Inductions.

The Inductees have created a tradition of placing their hand and footprints in concrete during Induction week. During the 2003 Induction Ceremony in Sharon, PA Inducted Artists demonstrated their commitment, endorsement, and desire to perform fundraising concerts in the Columbia Theater by immortalizing their prints in front of the Columbia Theater. The tradition will continue as Hand and footprints of Inductees will be created at other museum and clubhouse locations around the country in the future.

All of the activities of the Inductions and concerts are recorded for historical archive purposes and are the source of the Foundation’s future media products and presentations.