ARTIST: The Revelers
The Revelers



Wilfred Glenn (1881-1970) had an astonishing vocal range of some two and a half octaves from C below the bass clef to F sharp. A product of pioneer stock from San Francisco, he came to New York and within five years had made 800 recordings on many labels from RCA Victor to Brunswick and Columbia, among others. His early career was marked by performances in oratorio and concert (Handel, Verdi, Wagner) from Carnegie Hall, to the New York Philharmonic and concert halls across the country, and he later also performed on Broadway. He was a founding member of the Revelers and had previously performed with other groups including the Shannon Four, the Singing Sophomores and the Merrymakers, among others. His performances in the primacy of radio made him into a national figure and later, when the Revelers made multiple tours of Europe, into an international star.

– Barbara Glenn Eisen

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