Ruby & The Romantics

One of the great male/female soul vocal groups, Ruby & The Romantics had an epic single in 1963 with “Our Day Will Come.” It topped both the pop and R&B charts earning a Grammy nomination for the Best Rock and Roll Recording for the awards period of 1963. Lead vocalist Ruby Nash, along with Ronnie Mosley, Ed Roberts, George Lee, and Leroy Fann were the original members when they began in Akron in 1961. The male members had previously been working in a group known as The Embers and The Supremes until Ruby was asked to join. They went to New York in 1962 and met up with Leroy Kirkland who took them to KAPP Records. That’s when A & R producer Al Stanton gave them the name Ruby and The Romantics. Unfortunately, they never again repeated their chart success, even though they made some other excellent songs, such as “When You’re Young and in Love”, as well as “Hey There Lonely Boy”, ” My Summer Love”, and “Young Wings Can Fly”. By 1965 they had experienced singing all over the world doing shows with icons such as Dick Clark, James Brown, and the Four Seasons, just to name a few. By 1966, Ruby married her hometown sweetheart and has been Ruby Nash Garnett for 42 years now. The group remained together until they retired in 1971. Three of the members has passed on with the only remaining members today being Ruby Nash Garnett and Ronnie Mosley.

    – Robin Garnett (Ruby’s daughter)
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